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Seven Circles about “2040″

1) You say that all the tragic events that will happen up to 2040 will result in smth positive… What tragic events do you mean? And what  positive things will happen in general? And why 2040?

We will see a lot of conflicts between the leaders of the society and the regular people. A lot of people will be demonstrating against things and many wars will occur. 2040 is propably the year when we will notice what happened during the past 40 years and how important it is. Everything will happen so gradually that few people will notice what happened until much later

2) What are the most serious problems in the mordern world that people need to consider?

It’s obvious that our leaders do what they want if they can in most cases and they care about themselves rather then the people they are chosen to represent. People also have to understand that having lots of money wonґt make you truly rich.

3) What moral qualities do you think people should acquire nowadays? I mean the qualities that will help them to survive and influence the reality they live in?

They will have to learn to be less egoistic and care about everyone else and not just themselves, their relatives and friends. What they do may may have more negative consequenses for other people then they think.

4) Most people now speak about the paradoxes between Western and Easten civilizations…How will the things develop in the end? What will be the consequences of this assimilation?

We will see the west and the east realise that they are more equal then they thought (after countless conflicts of course). These conflicts will lead to a better world in the end.

5) You talk about the small following of people in Scandinavia… Tell more about it.

A small following of people here will propably influence the world in a drastic way without people being awhare of it here or elsewhere until much later.

6)  Don`t you think that modern world has become too material and most people are confused nowadays and they need some sort of purification and reconsidering some of their principles?

Itґs both too materialistic and religious actually. If people didnґt care about material things and religions, the world would look entirely different and much better. Universal moral (That includes; abortions are right sometimes, men and women should have equal sallaries for equal work and a lot more obvious things) work a thousand times better then religions in most cases.

7)  Your album is devoted to the future predictions…Where do they come from and speak about the songs in more detail.

A friend of mine who is also our webmaster did most of them. We are the ones that predict that a mythological animal will be discovered though. Some of the songs are rather traditional  lovesongs though. More predictions  will come so donґt worry though.

8) Here in Russia there is a project called ‘Raise your Individuality’, it is dedicated to the younger generation, its aim is to help young people to build their character and find spiritual strength to face the changing world. We would like to know your opinion… What is individuality for you and how will the attitude to it change up to 2040?

Spiritual strength? sound like itґs related to religion. It is very important to avoid religions in general if we want to live in peace. We may have had worldpeace today if nobody cared about religions. People will be less individual during the coming time period since they have they  to in many cases. They cannot go on living their old life due to the conflicts out there.

Katrina, Alcatraz.ru