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Interview with Starcrash

Starcrash was formed in 2004 when they finally began to follow their hearts and play the kind of music they had always wanted to play. Original founders and songwriters of Starcrash, Pepe and Tuomas, have played together before in some line-ups and gathered interest from many different directions. They had made a childhood promise to play in same band and make music together forever what ever comes.

First Starcrash grew with a dummer as Aapo (brother of Tuomas) joined the band. Then they recruited young promising keabordist Lasse. The band reached its final form as Make joined the band as a bass player.

In the fall of 2005 Starcrash recorded their first demo. It was a success but the band wasn`t quite satisfied with their sound. After their second demo in the early 2006 they instantly knew they had found the sound they were looking for. It wasn`t long before they signed a record deal with an indie label Plastinka Records.

Now, in the fall of 2006, they are about to put out their debut single called Before the Tuesday`s gone and the debut album later on. So everybody stay tuned for more!

Pepe Toivainen vocals
Tuomas Immonen guitar
Aapo Immonen drums
Lasse Launimaa keyboards
Make Kerosalo bass

Pepe Toivainen vocalsTuomas Immonen guitarAapo Immonen drumsLasse Launimaa keyboardsMake Kerosalo bassPepe`s answers:

1. Tell the story how you all met and decided to form the band. How has each of you come to music.

Well it`s a very long story. But I´ll tell you the longstory short. The interesting detail is that we all come from same small school. Tuomas, Make and me met each other for the first time when we were only 6 years old. We started to hang around with each other and finally formed a band cause we thought it would be cool and would get us some ladies=) We grew up listening to bands such as Bon jovi and other bands from the eighties`. I think our first band was formed when we were some like 12 years old…
Things got serious few years ago when Lasse and Aapo joined the band. We started to make the kind of music we really wanted to play. You could say we started to follow our hearts. Now we are just at the beginning of our story!

2.How would you define your style?

I would definy our style as melodic, catchy and ambitious rock with some influences from pop/metal music and the rock from the eighties. Some might disagree with me but that`s only my opinion.
Overall, I hate when people want to gategorize a band.. When you play our kind of versatile music it`s impossible to put you in a small box and define the walls.

3. Does your music fit in with the so-called Finnish Melancholy?

Well it kind of does and then it doesn`t. It`s complicated. I would say that there is some melancholy in our music. Nevertheless, I think we`re definately unlike than any other Finnish rockband. In a good way, offcourse=)

4. Tell about the influences that affected your music (life experiences, other bands, books, people)

Well we have come a long way, that has had some influence in our music. We have learned a lot gained valuable experiences.
It`s hard to name any bands that would have had an affect on our music since we all have different idols and we all listen to different kinds of music.

5. What qualities should a rock-star possess?

That`s a good guestions.. How the hell should I know?=) I think a rockstar should be original, just a portrait of him/herself.  A rockstar ought to live his live showing some kind of example to others but always with a little blink in the eye;)

6. What influenced the creation of the song ‘No Pain No Gain’?

I would say it`s a story of our lives. We live in a small city in the middle of nowhere to most people and have had to work our asses off to get where we want to be. It`s a story about reaching for your dreams and never giving up, not even when the times get really hard. When you`re kicked down, you always get up with a smile on your face cause if you want something, you have to fight for it! I think that`s the mainpoint of the song.

7. The main themes of your songs?

We write a lot about relationships and deep feelings, cause we think they are really important. What would life be without little excitement and butterflies? Also we hope our songs could help people deal with some difficult issues such as heartbreaks and losses. Having said that I think we write about anything what comes to mind=) There`s always some hope left, that is what our songs have to offer for the listeners. HOPE! And lots of it! =)
Make`s answers:

8. Tell about your first single and upcoming album

Our first single is called “Before tuesday`s gone” and it`s a great piece of melodic rock with                  great  chorus.Our upcoming album contains about 9-11 songs and it has a great deal of dieversity.Some songs might sound likeTOTO (shuffle based rock) and some might sound like LOST PROPHETS. Something for everyone….

9. What is the motto of your life?
It`s better to burn out than fade away
10. What is rock life for you?

Fast cars, sexy girls and loud music
11. What music do you prefer to listen?

Whitesnake, Bon jovi, Thin lizzy,Toto

12. What do you like to do in your free time?

Play football and ice hockey.Every kind of sports is close to our hearts.Pro evolution soccer of course and drinking booze.A lot of booze…

13. What is of the utmost importance in your life?

Wellfare of my family and friends

14. What is your dream?

My dream is to travel around the world with my band and to make living with playing music

15. What would you like to tell all your fans present and future and all people in the world?

I` ll hope to see all of you in our gigs.Keep on rockin`!!!!

Katrina, Alcatraz.ru

Starcrash site - http://www.myspace.com/starcrashband