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Interview with Lacuna Coil

How did your music career begin? How did you find yourself in the music world?

It just happened really spontaniously, we never dreamed to become rockstars or something like that… me and Marco (bass player) we started the band for fun just in the spare time, we were skateboarders and when we couldn’t skate for some reason we just met up at his place and jam some music together. The more we grow older the more we get into music until we decided to find other people to play with and record a demo tape to send it out to record labels to try to get a deal.

What did you do before that? I heard that Marco used to be a cook, is that true?

Everyone of us had temporary jobs during the first 5 years of the band career, Marco was coockin’, Cristina was workin’ in a pub or in a store, I was deliverin’ stuff around the city with a van or working in liquor stores, other guys did office jobs or fixing cars… it was pretty tough to combani the regular life with the touring and the band activities in general. The past 4 years we’ve been able to live out of the band and that’s just amazing!

Lacuna Coil is the combination of the words from the two languages (Italian and English), right? So it means ? Empty Coil’ in English…Why did you choose this  name for your band?

The closest translation it’s actually “empty spiral” it’s an atmospherical meaning very similar to the original name of the band wich was “ethereal”. When we signed the deal back in 1997, we had to find another name to avoid copyright problems and we came out with those 2 words that together are original and good sounding.

Give one adjective that can fully express the character of each of you.

Cristina & Maus: hyperactive, myself & Chris: balanced, Criz & Marco: impulsive

Cristina, did you take any professional lesson in singing or is your voice a gift of nature?

No, she didn’t, it’s all natural!

Has fame changed your personalities? Your attitude to other people and their attitude to you? Do you understand the responsibility that came together with fame? Is there anything that you don`t like about being famous?

We have changed a bit as persons because we have different experiences compare to the past but not because of the fame, the attitude it’s pretty much the same, the only negative thing it’s that you have to be away from your family for very long time.

Do you have friends in the music world? Is it possible to be on good terms with other artistic people?

Sure, we have a lot of friends in this business, it’s not always possible to keep in touch with everybody but we try our best…

Speak about your experience at the Ozzfest.

Ozzfest it’s just the ultimate summer camp for rock bands, it’s a unique life experience, it can be tyring and dangerous for your sanity :) but it’s also the best promotion for a metal band in the U.S. Respect!

What do you do first: write lyrics or music? Tell about the process of creating the songs for the new album in general.

Usually it’s Marco and Maus to come up with some music and then me and Cristina we write some vocal melodies and lyrics. All together we work the arrengements. Once we’re done with the basic structure of the songs we go in the practice room with our producer and let him listen to the material and talk about some changes or feelings about the music. After that we go in the studio and record the songs, there are still changes goin on even at this point of the process because sometimes you have better ideas or different feelings once you hear it with the big real sounds.

Your music is full of Italian and Greek ethnic influence, but you can easily trace the Oriental roots in the new album, even in its title and the videos… Does the East inspire you? In what way?

Italian traditional music has a lot of influences from all the sounds comin’ from the mediterranean sea area and that you can hear it on our music, it’s very natural for us to combine it with our rock-metal background.

What is the main difference of Karmacode from the other albums? I mean in the sound, in the lyrics? It seems that you turned more to the problem of paradoxes of the every day life? The concepts of the West and the East, of the spirt and the technology, of the body and soul? Where does it come from?

Musicly the album it’s more dynamic and bold (straight in your face) but there are also a lot of sophisticated arrengements (classical and traditional). The main theme behind the lyrics is the contrast between the fast hi-tech almost virtual today’s lifestyle and a more compassionate and human way of life where there is still place for spirituality. It all come from our reflections on everydays life in this new millennium…

Again speaking about the paradoxes… How would you define Love? It is the main theme of your songs… Is it possible to find the balance between mind and heart? Is it possible not to cross the line beyond which love becomes an obsession? Can one be in love and be free at the same time?

I wouldn’t consider love as the main theme for our lyrics even if sometimes we talk about it, most of the time love it’s about conflict and suffering but we all can’t live without it… I think this is one of the biggest topics of our existence and it’s pretty hard to have the right answer on this one, it’s personal and we can just tell our point of view wich is not necessary the right one for everybody, I believe we should just live untill we feel it alive and not forced.

You sing about time and repeating of things on the last album…why?

Maybe because we have spent so much time doin’ the same thing while on tour for Comalies :)

Your music is full of imagery… With what images or maybe colours could you identify your new album?

There is definitly a contrast of cold and warm colours in it…

I was impressed by the song ?Our Truth’…What did you want to tell people in this song?

We wanted to tell that we are rasing our truth wich means that we are rasing what we believe in has a band and as human being, it’s an invitation to raise your personality and don’t let the other be ahead of your game.

Are you content with your life? Do you have any regrets?

We are mostly lookin’ at the future and if we had something that we are not happy with in the past we’ll try to make it better in the future, it’s really important to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself, no matter what!

What dreams do you have?

To live a happy life, be proud of myself and share my joy with the people that I love…

What is the essence of life for you?

Life to me it’s about evolution, it’s about changes and be adaptable to them.

Which of your songs is your favourite at the moment?

Fragile, In visible light, I also love the acoustic version of Closer…

Are you satisfied with the state of the modern world? If you had the power to change anything… what would you change?

Of course not, there is so much injustice goin’ on… I don’t believe in a perfect world even if I try to make it a better place every time that I can…
I believe we can all do someting even startin’ from the small thing in our everyday life, respect the other people and spread positive karma.

Tell about your artistic preferences, like films, music, books.

There are too many to mention, it’s just impossible to name a few. What I can say it’s that I don’t have many boundries and pre-conceptions, I try to be really openminded… I can tell you the latest 3 I’ve got: Donnie Darko, A bluegrass tribute to Metallica, American Hardcore.

What was the most unusual present that you have ever got from a fan?

Flowers from a guy!

Your albums always have beautiful cover art, speak about the artists that made them for you.

The cover for Karmacode has been released by a graphic studio in the U.S. call Asterik, they also won a Grammy Award last year. We gave them some of the early demo of the music and the basic concept behind the lyrics and they came out with this idea about this man taking off his face and showing a mechanical underlays to represent the contrast between the human side and the technological lifestyle. It’s actually the first time we work so tightly with an artist.

Tell about the project Rezophonic, what is it?

It’s a charity project to bring the clean water (by building wells) in some areas of Africa where people it’s still dying for illness caused by the dirty water they are drinking. A record and two videos have been made with a lot of italian artist (including us) and all the money raised it’s goin’ for the cause. The originator of a project it’s a very famus italian drummer (Mario Riso) wich is also a good friend of us.

What is your ideal type of a man/a woman?

I like cute sexy girls I don’t care about the colour of their hair or skin.

Are you going to come to Russia any time soon? What would you like to tell all your Russian admirers and people in general?

We would love to come but there are no plans about it at the moment… we’ll see next year maybe. Thanx a lot for the support and rock on!


Photos by Cindy Frey and Katja Kuhl

Special thanks to Gerrit Mohr for arranging this interview.

Katrina, Alcatraz.ru