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Interview with Juska (ex. HIM)

1. Say a few words about your childhood, your family and the place where you were raised. What kind of a child you were? Some vivid memories of yours? 

Okay… I was a really good child. Unfortunately the school put me in my motehrs class, so I  was teased pretty bad, because I was  a good student. But I proved myself when I get to the higher class and got 9.0 there…. (”10 is best) 

2. You studied management, didn`t you? Have you ever concidered to restart your education? 

I was in the school which would’ve made me to be a hotel manager…. Than game in the HIM. I will study in the future, but not in that scale… 

3. What kind of music do you  like to listen to? What is your favourite song? 

My all time favourite has been Faith no more and I still llisten to it. So I can say my fave song is Epic. Nowaday my fave band is Sub Urban Tribe from Fin which has Ville aswell- Too charistamic, too perfecet. Would take his autograph.. 

4. What musicians and bands influenced your taste in music? 

I can answer the same for this one. But I was a big fan of Him before joining the band:) And when i danced I was a Prodigy freak! (But faith no more is the all time best) 

5. How did you find yourself in music world? 

I started to play piano when I was 9, but I got relly fed up with the whole thing. I have so called, how do u say? I can learn when listening the song…. (My dad plays keys in the band) 

6. How can you account for the fact that during the last 10 years Finland gave birth to a lot of amazing and talanted rock bands? What is the reason for this? 

This is hard to say, because first big band abroad was Hanoi Rocks. Then we hit Germany with JOIN ME and after that everybody was interested not only for music but the whole land itself. I can say that I appriciate Ville as to be my Idol, because he made finnish history and is the best siger in the world:) 

7. You wrote the lyrics for the song Last Breath, the beautiful closing song on the fourth album of To/Die/For. What influensed the creation of this song? Is it how you feel? Are there any more songs that are written by you? 

That is the only one I made. It tells about my personal life and depression… Too personal. Can’t say anymore. 

8. Speak about the early years of HIM? Do you miss that time?

I was more of a performer. Don’t miss the time. Miss the guys… All the memories are in my head anyway. Puplicity sucks, if u can’t take it in a right way… 

9. Have your relations with other members of HIM changed after your leaving? 

This is the most asked question:) I’m in really glose touch with Gas, but not in contact with the other guys. No fights but not too much in common. 

10. During one of the HIM performances, it was Rockpalast 2000, you sang a verse from Join Me. You have a beautiful voice, have you ever thought of starting singing by yourself? 

If I practise. And thank u! It was a suprise and I have found it in net…. 

11. Speak about your work in Tiaga, your present plans for life. 

Tiaga was just a project which ended to T/D/F. On the future I’ve propably go to study some sort of teaching and keep music as a hobby. 

12. I`ve listened to a lot of different Finnish bands and there is one thing that is common for all of them, the so-called Finnish Melancholy. You say that beautiful dreams can save us from the cruel reality and give us the new reasons to live for…but there are a lot of songs that are full of regrets and disillusionment. In Russian rock world it`s a bit different. Our attitude to love, for example, is a bit different…It`s something that makes you stronger and helps you to survive, not something that destroys you…So, maybe Finnish men need Russian women to feel complete? ) How would you comment on this specific Finnish attiude to life and love? What is love for you? 

Of course we need russian women:) Send someone for me, because I’m still single. I consider love to be the bottom feeling of anything. I’ve experienced it twice with partner and my parents have given me love all the time of my life. I can’t say how men feel love in Finland in general, but as it comes for me, I need it.But we are not sad people. Not at all.. And as for lyrics, I think it’s just an artistic way to put melodies and lyrics together, but to touch people somehow aswell.

13. Life in the public eye has a lot of disadvantages too, not just rosy colours, you know…How do you cope with it? 

Lickily Ville took all the public eys so I haven’t touched that world. Of course I have some sort of “status” in the music world, because I played in Him. 

14. What can be a source of inspiration for you? For some people it`s love, for others it can be the dawn of the new day or life experinces…what about you? 

Simle words:  Love and experiences.

15. What is freedom for you? 

To close the door when I need my own time. 

16. Do you believe in miracles? 


17. What would you like to tell your fans and all people here? 

I’m so happy that people still remember me and I could answer to these questions. I’m not in celebrity world anymore, but if there are any “fans” who recall me… i say keep on ROCKING:) Luv u!  


Katrina, Alcatraz.ru