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Interview with Iconcrash

1. Jaani, you are a very creative person as you`ve taken up a lot of different things like being a producer, photographer, drummer, songwriter, performer, what else? What is the source of your creative urge? Is there some Great Idea that you want to share with your listeners?

I am most creative when my life is a mess, and if it’s not, I have to create the right atmosphere. I am very positive person , but I can’t write about positive things for some reason. And I can’t write music or lyrics at home, it is just impossible. I wrote most of the lyrics of the Nude in London, some at my grannies and some in Vesivehmaa at the countryside.
It is quite strange process to get something written. I have actually planned to go to monastery for few days to finish the lyrics for the second album.

2. Speak about your family and your childhood, what was the crucial moment in your life that you`ve decided to become a musician and creat music of your own?

No idea. I was four years old when I told everyone that I will be musician. My father is a musician so it was obvious what I will do with my life. I have always known what is my task.

3. Introduce other members of the band as there are some changes in your band.

Reko Aho is the drummer. He is such a weird guy. He likes fishes, horses and booze. He have also some anger management problems when it comes to playstation2 and Fifa 2006 soccer game.
Anu Tukeva: Keyboards. She is an angel. Very good musician like Reko but not strange as him. Anu is interested about weird Japanese stuff, wrong kinda video games, dying her hair and organizing crazy parties. We came good friends with Anu years ago when we toured with her ex-band Viola and now she is a one of us. Perfect.
Jesse Valo: Bass. Most recent addition to the band. A really good musician, but he is too a weird mothafucker like Reko. He is interested in stupid music even though he plays also in a great band called Vuk.

4. Almost two years have passed since the release of the first album of Iconcrash ?Nude’… Are there any changes in you as a person and as a musician?

Lot’s of all kinda changes. When I was making “Nude” everything was so new to me, but now I know how to do things. Before I started Iconcrash I was a drummer and I didn’t sing that much, and I didn’t have to run the band, either. I feel much more confident as a singer nowadays. And I also write about different things nowadays. “Nude”was more about relationship stuff and I am done with that. Next one will about much more interesting stuff.  

5. By the way, I`d like to know why you chose this name for your band? Is it the famous Finnish love for paradoxes? Feeling attraction to something beautiful and desire to destroy it at the same time? Where does it come from?

The name have haunted in my head for ten years for some reason. This band was meant to be Iconcrash. Don’t know the reason. Maybe it is about my love/hate relationship with religions.

6. You have very beautiful videos like Heaven`s map and Ocean, who is the director?

Heaven’s Map was directed by Markku Kirves and Ocean was made by Spanish lady called Maria… damn… OK, I can’t remember her surname. She did an amazing job though.

7. Do you have friends among other people from music world? I know it is quite difficult to get on well with other artistic personalities? How is it for you?

We have lot’s of good fiends in the music biz. I don’t find it difficult to get on well with artistic personalities. Some people are harder to get along than others, but I think it haves more to do with horoscope than artistic side. 

8. Personally I was impressed by the songs Swanlike and Concordia, it is obvious that they are very personal for you. But there is something I`d like to know.  I`ve listened to a lot of different Finnish bands and there is one thing that is common for all of them, the so-called Finnish Melancholy. You say that beautiful dreams can save us from the cruel reality and give us the new reasons to live for…but there are a lot of songs that are full of regrets and disillusionment. In Russian rock world it`s a bit different. Our attitude to love, for example, is a bit different…It`s something that makes you stronger and helps you to survive, not something that destroys you…So, maybe Finnish men need Russian women to feel complete? ) How would you comment on this specific Finnish attiude to life and love? What is love for you? 

Yes those songs are really, really personal for me – the whole album is. It is all about my real life. Sure love is for me something that makes me stronger and all that shit, but I rather show those feelings right to the people I love and write music about this other side of love. If I want to listen  that I love you, you make me stronger-stuff I go and open MTV…  I pretty sure people love eatch other the same way all around the globe.

9. I`ve listened to your songs and for me I traced the presence of the quest, the quest for yourself and into your soul. Are you satisfied with what you have or is there something that you still can`t get?

I am pretty satisfied with my life these days, but of course there is much I want to achive and there are many questions I want to find the answers. I have written a lot about all of that to second album’s lyrics. I have been thinking a lot about the future of my soul and the way people live their lives. There is some lyrics about the yin and yang,  the balance and about the choices.

10. What is freedom for you?

I feel free when I stand in complete silence in the Finnish countryside and I can feel free when I drink hot chocolate in New York. For me freedom is some little things that make me happy and some choices I can make.

11. When are you planning to release the new album? What is the main concept and the theme of the new album? Any influences?

The second one is coming next year but I can’t tell you when yet, because we have a brand new record label and we haven’t talked about the schedule yet. And it is so new thing that I can’t either tell you the name of the company… But we are very happy about the situation.
Concept is equilibrium and also phantasmagoria and the my spiritual past. Pretty dark stuff… About influences. Hmmm… Killing Joke, Depeche Mode, Saint Vitus, IAMX

12. What will be the first single from the new album?

I guess it will be the song called “Everlasting”.

13. Where are you going to record the album and who will produce it?

We are already recording it at the record label’s own studio, we have actually been working with the album for a year now in four different studios. I will be one of the producer, but I would love to find someone else too who could bring his contribution to the album. We are still looking for him/her.

14. What are the main victories that you won in your life?

I don’t want to talk about my personal life in the interviews so I ignore this question. Sorry. =)

15. What is your favourite place in Finland?

At my grandmoms in Anjalankoski. That is the place I always feel like home and I am always welcome. 

16. Your favourite writer?

At the moment it is Leonard Cohen.

17. The most unusual thing that happened to you or anyone from the band?

I have lived pretty unusual life and I am still living that way. I have gone through some really weird shit and it has made me what I am nowadays. I am not going to tell you what I have seen, because you would think I am a nutcase. Maybe I am…

18. When are you going to come to Russia again? There are people who are very fond of your music here. What would you like to tell them and people here in general?

We are coming to Russia actually pretty soon. I heard it will happen
at the beginning of 2007. Hopefully asap. I know we have friends there and I really hope they will come to see us next time too. I have loved, really loved to spend time in Russia and I am really looking forward to get back there.

Katrina, Alcatraz.ru